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Twins Large Punching Mitts are designed to be used by top MMA competitors and their trainers. Their firm, high-density foam padding enhances the balance between proper technique and shock absorption. These large, heavy-duty mitts will withstand the punishment that world-class strikers dish out. They feature a Velcro enclosure around the wrist to prevent slipping and maintain a simple fit that can easily be adjusted and moved. This also assists in quickly putting the mitts on and taking them off between training transitions. The additional padding, covered fingers and hand area provide the best possible protection. The safety cushion on the back allows for a great elbow and hand workout; this is also ideal for knee techniques. In addition, these large punching mitts can be used for heavy punching power drills, speed kicking drills, and accuracy kicking drills. They are crafted from 100% leather and top-quality, heavy foam padding. Twins Fight Gear sets the standard for craftsmanship, functional design, and visual appeal. Whether your training goals are in Muay Thai, western boxing, MMA, or traditional karate, Twins large leather punching mitts will help you achieve them. SOLD AS PAIRS ONLY

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